Monday, 19 April 2021

The promise of better weather


It’s been grim for about a week, cool and often wet.  We needed rain so that was good, we’ve had enough now but it doesn’t stop.  Other weather has included hail, thunder and lightning, today there’s snow on the top of the mountain.  

It’s often the same, we think it’s fine to sow seeds, buy a few tomato plants, now we are covering tender seedlings with fleece or playing musical pots putting everything into the cellar overnight, moving everything out during the day.  

We had a Skype call with friends in Yorkshire yesterday, they sitting in their lovely garden bathed in sunshine, us indoors wearing several jumpers.  The forecast is for temperatures to improve gradually, currently its 6 degrees,  there is talk of high 20s next week, I’m wishing my life away wanting the sun back, wanting the wisteria to flower, wanting to plant up the summer pots.    I thought we could put away our jumpers and socks, I am so sick of wearing the few winter clothes I have here and been looking through my summer wardrobe with longing, I’d like a heatwave please.


  1. Same here - we have snow flurries forecast for tonight. Actually our weather has been pretty nice this month, just the odd blip. I know what you mean about wearing winter clothes. I brought my summer stuff out last week but haven't had the opportunity to wear any of it yet.

  2. After what seems like endless months of cold, grey, wet weather we seem to be in a good place at the moment. Warm sunshine (not hot of course, just warm, Derbyshire warm, which means take your jumper off and let your arms feel the warmth). We welcome the sunshine and know we will pay for it later with unseasonal chill in May or June. Such is British weather. Your heat will come, I have no doubt, but it's unsettling when it's cool in Italy.

  3. I do the same thing, planting way too early just because we've had a few nice days. Here they say not to plant out before the Saints de Glace, which is mid-May, but I rarely wait (and then end up buying more plants to replace the one the frost got)! Patience is a virtue apparently!

  4. Hope your weather has improved Jenny. It's sunny here but still a bit chilly. I still need plenty of layers to sit in the garden for any length of time. Flo is enjoying herself sunbathing on the table in the mornings. x