Saturday, 10 October 2020

Still occupied

This week has been glorious. Sunny warm days and not too cool at night though of course we cannot resist lighting the wood burner for a few hours before bed.  

My borders look great, the balcony pots are flowering as well as they did in high summer but despite a reluctance to take the garden apart while it looks so good, I have started to move and divided plants and cut back some shrubs. 

I have so many canna lilies I don’t know what to do with them, they became invasive in my raised border and whilst I love their tropical appearance I have taken most of them out.  A lot went into the orchard and I was tempted to do a bit of guerrilla gardening and plant some on the roadside beside the olives, but since that it someone else’s land I decided not to.

The pool is down now although Mr FF is still using the outdoor shower after his days work making orchard paths. It’s nice for a while to have all that space on the terrace but I’d never be without the pool in summer.

We are waiting now, for the mill to open, for the olives harvest to begin, for our journey home, if that happens.  We had thoughts of travelling back through Germany to avoid any stops in France and thus quarantine in the UK, but Covid cases in Germany are rising and there could be more restrictions in the UK.  As I say we are waiting and if it’s best to stay here we will, there’s always plenty to do and our cats and lovely neighbours Giovanni and Milena who have decided to spend the winter here rather then return to their Rome apartment will all be very happy.


  1. I love the garden - very similar layout to my own. It will certainly be warmer if you stay there I would guess. Hope you can find that free patter on WYS site.

  2. Your garden looks lovely. I would stay there for the winter if I were you, the UK is wet and miserable, in many ways.

  3. You really do have a ‘lovely spot’ there and unless something drastic happens locally (with you know what) and you are still able to obtain food and water (wine) I’d winter where you are. It’ll be safer and probably warmer than back home in the UK.

  4. It's cooling down here, which suits me fine. I've bought the first new polo neck jumper of the season which is always a good sign. Your garden is looking very pretty. I do appreciate a raised border. It must be difficult to plan a return home. More restrictions are on the way here, particularly for the north west and here in the north east, though we can only speculate what they might be. Doubt they'll impact on us much as we've stayed pretty much in a personal lockdown. Just continue enjoying la dolce vita with your kits.

  5. Know what you mean about head space. The wool and pattern should be here the beginning of next week - I will be in touch then about the pattern.

  6. I'd stay there as long as possible. It's going to get pretty grim here. Happy to send emergency package of tea/yarn/books!