Friday, 2 October 2020

The Isle of Capri

Yes this week we spent a couple of nights on the Amalfi coast staying in a small B and B above the town of Sorrento.  We wouldn’t normally stay in such a touristy area but expected things to be quiet and wanted to take the opportunity to visit Capri.

We hadn’t stayed in Sorrento for almost 40 years, that was our first visit to Italy and included 4 nights in Rome.  That was in November, still good weather and we did a lot but now we know much more of Italy we didn’t find Sorrento so pleasant even out of season.  However our accommodation was beautiful with only 6 letting rooms and apart from heavy rain the day we arrived the weather was lovely.

The ferry to Capri was very expensive, as Mr FF said we could have taken our car to Sardinia and back for less but there were no queues and plenty of space on board.  The trip over was a little rough and I was concerned there were no safety announcements as the boat lurched through the waves,  we arrived with me feeling a little queasy.

We wanted to visit the Villa San Michele up at Anacapri and Mr FF thought it would be nice to walk.  I imagined a stroll through sunny lemon groves admiring beautiful white villas, I experienced a lung bursting climb up steep and wet steps through open countryside and woodland. However the villa which belonged to a Swedish doctor Axel Munthe who loved nature and animals was gorgeous, stunning views and beautiful rooms.

We strolled round Anacapri, ate our picnic lunch and eventually got the bus down to Capri town.  We spent about half an hour in the bus queue, numbers were being limited and temperatures taken but onboard it was still pretty crowded with plenty of people standing.  I sat and Mr FF stood beside an open window our Covid concerns distracted by the hair raising descent back down the mountain.

We wandered round Capri town admiring the smart hotels and even smarter designer shops and had a very expensive drink in the square before walking back down to the harbour for our return. There was just about the right number of visitors, I cannot imagine what it’s like on the island during a normal busy summer.  It’s such a beautiful place, the views are incredible and we were fortunate to see Capri so quiet and calm, I’m glad we went.

Here are a few photos, villa, villa, villa, Anacapri, Capri town, as you know I struggle with blogger on the iPad so I am sticking them at the end and going outside for my breakfast.


  1. It all looks very pretty (so nice to see a pic of you, too!) and I remember those designer shops and their price tags. Looks rather sunny and hot, though.

  2. It is about forty years since I was in Capri - the weather looks better than it is here - wish I had that sun on my back today.

  3. Looks gorgeous! How lucky for you to be able to enjoy such a beautiful place with such beautiful weather!

  4. What a beautiful place, nice to be able to see it without the usual crowds of visitors.