Tuesday 13 October 2020


We never run out of things to do here. Monday Mr FF got the chainsaw out, we thought it was never going to start and he certainly wasn’t taking it for repair as last time it cost 40 euro.  After much effort and tinkering it fired and Mr FF took down some dead branches from a tree in the front garden and a lot of dead wood from the olives. 

Giovanni told us last year to allow new shoots to come up from the base and this year select the strongest that will make the best shape and then remove all the old wood and unwanted shoots.  

Some pretty big trunks were cut down but the trees look fine and we got plenty of timber for the log burner.  Olive wood is very dense, it burns long and well with a nice aroma.  Because out wood burner is closed we don’t get any smell but I am so pleased to have a nice supply.

As you can see I am not a good log stacker, the lower half in the picture is my effort but this is not a permanent location.  The wood above the new stuff was stacked by Mr FF last year, he’s always been a bit obsessive about his log pile and I have been in trouble for spoiling the effect by randomly taking wood for the fire.

This year the pruned olive trees have no fruit, let’s hope they are back to production next year, meantime the trees not cut back are full of olives, we are crossing our fingers for a decent yield but not too worried as our Danish friends have now returned to Copenhagen for winter and given us permission to pick their crop.  We shall still be in the oil business.


  1. The pattern hasn't arrived yet - haven't forgotten, will be in touch.

  2. Mister E had our chain saw out earlier in the week too. He enjoyed using it so much, I began to worry there wasn't going to be much tree growth left in the garden for next year. It's certainly looking rather bare and spartan in places now.

  3. You can't beat a log fire, I really miss our wood burner. I'm pleased to hear that you will still be able to harvest some olives. I still remember the bottle you very kindly sent us - delicious! Even more so when you know the story behind it all. x