Friday 30 October 2020

We’ve started

We spent two days picking the olives kindly offered by our Danish friends who are now back on Copenhagen. We got about 140 kilos.  We enjoyed being in someone else’s garden apart from an over excited large yellow dog that turned up and rampaged round us alarmingly and a stray cat that helped itself to one of our panini, Mr FF had left the rucksack open.  We shared the remaining one and it was enough.

We worked in our own orchard, today and picked about 80 kilos, we will hopefully do the same again tomorrow although we are feeling very tired.  The trees that Mr FF cut back last year, about half our stock, have no olives but the others are very productive.  We should have plenty of oil, enough to give a decent amount to the Danes and lots for us too.  It’s nice to be back in the oil business and we are sleeping well.


  1. Mr JK and I watched people harvesting olives in Greece, it is such hard work.