Friday, 19 June 2020

Storage and skips

The new and improved hall cupboards are almost finished, the plain matt white doors are due in about 10 days but for now I've been able to return everything and still have room to spare.  We have ordered a pull out hanging rail for the new cupboard then coats will go into that side too. 

Last night we took a walk out before dinner as I wanted to check on the modern house that is being built round the corner, its been interesting watching it take shape.  There was a skip outside and on top was this picnic basket, needless to say it came home with me. 

The basket was filthy, I did have to think twice about taking it but i decided even if it it didn't scrub up that well it would be nice filled with plants on the balcony.  It had been splattered with cement which actually pinged off quite easily with a skewer when I had an initial clean this morning. 

It even has the two original plates inside.   
I know that taking things from skips on private property is theft, but I took the risk.  I love a skip search, when we built our house in Scotland our cloakroom washbasin came out of a skip.  I had to stop the builder smashing it to pieces as he had done other sanitary ware and I was able to ask permission to take it plus a stainless steel sink earmarked for our greenhouse.  This time there was no one to ask. 
If you see the newspaper headline 'basket case woman sentenced after claiming to save item from landfill' pretend you don't know me.


  1. I would havr been tempted by that too.

  2. Forget picnics, it actually looks like a good basket for needlework accessories etc..

  3. Now that's a lovely one - double sided as well. 'Good haul' as they say!
    My mother often told the tale of how when I was a newborn I was 'transported' to air raid shelters in a bakers basket. Similar sort of thing to your picnic one but much deeper.
    I like Caree's suggestion.....'cept for wool:)

  4. Excellent find. Lucky you. I would have done exactly the same, can't resist a nice basket x

  5. I think it was your duty to rescue that picnic basket! Job well done! x