Saturday, 27 June 2020

From lock down to limbo

Ever since lock down Mr FF has been itching to get to Italy, every month or so he tells me we shall be going in a few weeks, I ignore him.   Now it looks like the government advice not to travel will change and Mr FF wants to be the first in the queue.  I don't share his enthusiasm and the only step I've taken for the journey is to order hand sanitiser and a few more toiletries.
I have so enjoyed summer in the penthouse, this week we've taken to eating dinner outside.  I now need to dispose of all my lovely balcony plants that haven't yet reached their full potential to friends and family, from a safe distance. 
I won't get to enjoy the longed for riot flowers.  Following good practice I took the first buds off all my geraniums to produce stronger plants, so far one of 18 is showing any colour, if I'd known I would have let them get on with it and admired the display.
Its likely I will have lost many plants when I get to Italy and have to start all over again there and I doubt we will produce many vegetables this late in the season.  
Yesterday my lovely hairdresser phoned and gave me an appointment for 3 weeks time.  I may not get my haircut before we leave, will travel across Europe with my mad hair and then have to negotiate an appointment in Italy where discussion about a new maybe longer style will be tricky.  I'm still doing the online language course and if I ever meet two plumbers who are cousins I can tell people but have yet to reach the lesson that covers hairstyles.
Our Danish friends are travelling out next weekend and it will be lovely to see them and all the other people we know but it won't be the same.  No festas, though dinning outdoors I image will be ok, segregation on the beach, no hugs and kisses, mask everywhere.  I hope it will be better than the chaos we have seen in the UK during the hot weather.  Our little town was so rammed with visitors enjoying drink, drugs, BBQs which are banned and major littering around the river.  Eventually the police imposed a dispersal order and with helicopters flying overhead the masses were sent away and the town closed to non residents for 48 hours.
So a week of waiting, half hearted packing and eating the contents of the freezer I think.  I sound ungrateful I know, we are so fortunate to have this second home and we want to keep it in good order.   Its just that I'm 71 I don't do spontaneity and I am aware of the risks of a potential lock down in a foreign country.   Life has to start again sometime, maybe we just have to make a move and if there is the chance of being reunited with our cats again I will.


  1. I am pretty sure that when you get there you will be saying how glad you are that you decided to go. Italy is such a beautiful country - I envy you deeply.

  2. Hi Jenny, you left a comment on my blog which lead me back to yours again, and I have read back on earlier years and even looked up Italy where you have a second home;; while I feel we are too old to do that, we could easily afford 2 to 3 months there.. we do love it there and have visited many times In fact 2015 we had booked a train across Europe and several hotels, but in April when I broke my arm, everything was cancelled.. enjoy your time away and hope your cats are ok and there are no water leaks! Qne question why did you decide to buy where you did? We're still learning Italian. Ciao

  3. With your own home in Italy and hand sanitiser/masks for use on the journey, I’m sure you’ll be as safe as at home here and hopefully no marauding masses and bbqs. We still can’t travel to Scotland and when we can, won’t be able to prepare our boat for launch off because every rental property for miles ( wasn’t entirely happy at that idea but don’t fancy a hotel just yet) is already fully booked until September. Have a great summer and, of course, I am looking forward to reading your updates.

  4. I'm sure (well, fairly sure, you know me) you'll both be fine. As for the hair issue, you could always show a picture of someone with the style you're fancying. Mind you, I did that once when I was after the sun-kissed Californian beach babe vibe. Looked in the mirror and Myra Hindley stared back at me.

  5. I hope you are able to get to Italy. I'm sure your Yorkshire neighbours will happily look after your tubs for you and the cats in Italy won't give a stuff about any crazy hair styles! Just take plenty of yarn and tea!