Friday 12 June 2020

Still learning

A while back I told you what lock down had taught me, the learning goes on.
I realised when watching a YouTube video about cleaning short cuts that I was watching too many YouTube videos full stop.  When the lady presenter demonstrated that you could use your dishwasher, without detergent, to clean potatoes, carrots etc, carefully lining up a selection of veg on the top shelf,  I knew I had gone too far and I have stopped.
My continued drawer tidying has revealed that I shall never ever have to buy another pair of pants (knickers if you prefer) for the rest of my life.  I managed to bin a few unsightly pairs but kept the ones that might fit me one day if I ever desert my beloved big pants and want something a bit skimpier and less comfortable, which truthfully I doubt will happen at 71.  
I am never going to break my habit of buying too many toiletries.  I went for several months not restocking and now I have weakened.  I tell myself that since I am using items destined for Italy I need to replace them in case we suddenly take off and that there are some great offers out there especially if you spend enough to save delivery costs.  None of us believe any of that.  
I have learned that I won't be going back to the shops when they open next week.  Even one of the charity shops here plans to re-open, I fully understand their need for income but I will not be tempted.  Neither will I be tempted to take them the pile of books etc I have ready to donate, it feels far too early.
So I think lock down will more or less continue as it is here in the penthouse.  It's been harder this last week or so with the upheaval of Mr FF making new hall cupboards and the horrible weather but it's no great hardship.   Just don't let me fill this extra space with more stock of body lotions.


  1. Forget the pretty smellies- I know what you can put in there......knitting wool!!

  2. Are you like me I want things done but hate the mess.. I read back on your blog and saw you have a property in Italy, how wonderful I am so envious. I love Italy my husband and I have done 3 years of evening classes learning Italian..

  3. Mr FF is exceedingly handy! Do you hire him out?!