Wednesday 3 June 2020

Lock down brain

After an aborted attempt to knit a lacy scarf,  not enough concentration, I decided I should stick to what I know and knit socks.  So I started with some of my favourite yarn, West Yorkshire Spinners, to  produced a plain easy knitting pair.
Except as you can see they are not a pair.  I have no idea why I do this, it isn’t the first time so I should know to check the dimensions not just (mis) count rows. Fortunately I have two balls of yarn so I can knit two more odd socks and voila.
I’ve also had days of clumsiness, this morning I almost knocked a couple of things over at breakfast.  I blame lack of stimulation, but things may improve as Mr FF is about to entertain me by starting work in our hall.
At present we just have this corner unit with a small door, its such an awkward space to store our outdoor clothes, shoes etc so he's building a new coat cupboard to the right hand side and making a bigger door opening for the existing cupboard. 
I actually like the hall with nothing in it, the usual contents, a console table and some shelves are distributed throughout the penthouse but I’ll make a decisions about what gets reinstated once the work is done.
Let’s just hope Mr FF is a bit more precise than me, he usually is but what about the lock down effect, watch this space.


  1. It has to be a coping mechanism although I'd far rather be the one taking a vacation rather than my brain!

  2. That's the idea - make two pairs. Just nod sagely and mention something about wondering how they would look in a smaller size. Then grab 'yours' and run!
    Will Mrff wear bold colours like that...or will they be destined for elsewhere?

  3. Oops! I've had that happen but it was due to knitting the socks in different ways - I apparently knit much tighter when knitting continental!