Saturday, 16 March 2019

Why did we imagine it would be simple

A while back we made the application to our comune in Lazio to be allowed to stay long term in Italy and advised them when we intended to be in our house for the police to visit and check us out, part of the process.  We then delayed our departure by a few days and advised them of the new eta.  OK, good, everything in order ready to be finalised when we arrive.
This morning we got an email to say the police had been to visit us at the house there was no one there so they have scraped out application.
Give me strength.  Life is hard enough when we are preparing to change residences, all that packing and preparation, hotels to find, without this extra and totally unnecessary hassle.  Don't they read emails, do they enjoy the extra admin, they obviously relish winding us up.
Its dire outside today, after torrential rain we have major flooding in the town, the water was over the top of my boots when I crossed the main street and the ceiling in the chemist was about to fall in from roof leaks.  Now the road out of town is closed, the river has burst its banks.
Life just gets better and better and of course we are all much clearer now on what is happening with Brexit, not. At least we may still have time to reapply to stay before we leave the EU but Italy you are on a warning, sometimes you push me too far.

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  1. How frustrating. Hope you manage to get things sorted soon. x