Friday, 8 March 2019

Who knows

Like many hundreds of people with property on the continent, Mr FF and I would like to be at our house in Italy before Brexit.  Not that we are deserting Yorkshire of course but if we are to leave the EU on 29 March it would make things easier for us to organise permission for long stays if were were still citizens of the EU when we did this.  We won't be any wiser about our situation than we are now until the parliamentary votes that are due to take place next week but we have tentative plans to leave for Italy next weekend.  Mr FF has organised the possibly necessary green card and international driving licence.  It could all be a waste of time but like others we are making provision.  Goodness knows what businesses are doing, the ports and customs, exporters, importers, we are all in the dark all hedging our bets and playing a waiting game.  
We hope to stay in Italy for about 3 months and then come back to Yorkshire for a few weeks depending on the political situation.  2.5 years since we voted to leave the EU and its down to the wire.  No doubt the country will make its feelings clear about this madness when we have our next general election.
Nothing is booked but boxes of essentials are packed and clogging up the spare bedroom. I don't feel we have been back in Yorkshire very long but I know a little grey cat who might think otherwise.  We haven't had any news of Grigio for a while and the weather in Lazio has been awful, lets just hope she is still around and her sister Crema is still living with Mario.  Here they are as little kitties, bless their hearts.


  1. Oh what a dreadful first world problem you have, my heart bleeds.

  2. Enjoy your time in Italy. Hope you find the cats safe and well.

  3. Is there any reason you don't bring the cats home?

  4. I hope that you will have good news about your cats soon.