Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Good morning from switzerland

This is the view from our room, or should I say suite.  We got upgraded at our hotel from the economy room we booked to a suite with two balconies and a beautiful lounge.  I stayed up late last night it was so beautiful watching the lights in the town and on the mountains.  Mr FF had to go and lie down as our two course dinner, with one beer and one glass of wine, cost twice as much as we paid for the room.  He’s tried to recoup some of the expense by swimming a lot in the indoor pool.
Today it’s a long drive to our house but we are within spitting distance of Italy if not Lazio.


  1. Oh wow - how are you going to prise yourself away from that?
    No chance they'll throw in another night if you name the hotel and give them free advertising??

  2. Not bad! Safe journey. And no spitting.

  3. Enjoy it when you get there - hope the cat is still around.

  4. What a wonderful view. Lucky you.
    We were recently in Florence and the hotel we had booked upgraded us on checking in and also gave us a voucher for a free two course meal. We ordered a glass of wine each with the meal and when the bill came, the 2 glasses of wine had cost us just under 40 Euros. My husband's reaction was similar to that of yours!

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