Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Song for the summer

Every summer in Italy we have a special song. Generally it’s one we hear on the radio,  sometimes when we are driving out, sometimes after we arrive.  Sometimes it’s a song in English, sometimes not.  Whatever it is we mostly hear it in the car and we always sing along.  One year it was Coldplay’s Viva la Vida which I still love.
Our 2019 happy tune is George Ezra’s Shotgun, we heard it on the road to Dover and in our French hotel.
I’ll be riding shotgun
underneath a hot sun
feeling like a some one
knitting till the yarns done
I made that last line up but I did ride shotgun as Mr FFs drove us across Europe and I did knit and we  sang along and as you can see it was beautiful.


  1. Beautiful is an understatement shotgun or not.

  2. Oh wow. That is certainly beautiful.
    I can no longer sing along to my favourite songs - or any music come to that - due to my hearing loss but I can imagine it was quite a jolly journey!

  3. Gorgeous scenery. Pretty sure that song is George Ezra's.

    1. You are right, I’ve corrected my post so my stupidity can be our secret. I should have known it was George, my family went to see him in Leeds recently said he was amazing. Thanks.

  4. I hear that song when I am in the fitness room. Beautiful photo!!