Friday 30 March 2018


I have knitted two more Estuary scarves with my Sublime yarn, I won't show you again as they are just like the first one.
Waste not want not, I used the remaining yarn to make Winter Berry Cowl by Michele Meadows, an easy and pretty pattern I'd definitely use again probably knitting in the round so the cable runs upwards.  My finished article isn't as long as the pattern suggests but its fine.  I just repeated the 4 rows until I ran out of yarn using almost every scrap of the 75 g I had, this is all that was left.
So I thought it was time a bit more yarn came into the penthouse and recently our lovely postie kindly came up to the top floor, even though he's afraid of our glass lift, to delivery these.
My first yarn purchase of 2018.  Black Sheep Wools are having a clearance on Sirdar Heart and Sole so obviously it was worth making up an order of over £25 for free delivery
I bought 3 x 100g of dancing shoes 
and 4 of country bumpkin.  I don't think I've used this yarn before so I can't comment on the quality but you can't be robbed at £3.99 per 100g.  Sorry I haven't taken the balls out of the plastic bags, I'm sort of telling myself they are going to Italy but I expect I shall soon be casting on and who knows I might need to buy more to take to Lazio.
Because it's Easter it's cold and raining I don't have plans to be out and about much, we are attempting to eat our way through the contents of the freezer before we can leave for Italy.   Happy Easter everyone.


  1. Ooh, lovely yarn (though I still find myself calling it wool, from the wool shop). Enjoy all the freezer emptying (I'm predicting some interesting combinations) and have a very happy Easter.

  2. We are attempting to reduce the contents of the freezer before we go off for our annual sojourn in Majorca ...... but somehow bargains fron supermarket "reduced" sections keep finding theit way home with us!

  3. Happy Easter to you too Jenny. I suppose you wish you were in Italy already judging by the weather outside my window. Adore that wool.

  4. The cowl pattern is so pretty and it looks lovely and cosy. I've never used Sirdar Heart & Sole but you can't go wrong at that price, can you?

  5. I've used that sock yarn before, just be a little careful how you wash it as mine has felted slightly. I just bung all my socks in on a normal wash and it didn't like it!