Thursday, 12 April 2018

All change

Finally we are moving back to our other life.  We leave for Lazio soon, I won't tell you exactly when in case Mark Zukerberg broadcasts this to the world.  
I haven't started my clothes packing yet, which is an ordeal in itself, but I have sorted out all the other bits and pieces I've sourced while we've been in the UK.  Survival essentials like Yorkshire Tea of course, muesli, you can't get a decent muesli in Italy and whilst I can't take enough for 6 months its nice to have a pack or two to eek out.  Why did I think those lanterns, much reduced as a local interiors shop was having a refurb, would be easy to transport.  They are pretty and will be great in our revamped Italian garden, but packing them safely is a challenge.  The sparkly flameless candles are lovely too, battery operated, again for the garden and in the Laura Ashley sale.
Lots of gifts to take, everyone wants Cheddar cheese, biscuits, UK magazines.
Whilst in Italy I make a list of what we will need for the following year,  toiletries because I like my regular brands, new bed linen, books, but back in the UK I start to doubt myself. Does it mean because I haven't included shower gels that we have enough or did I just forget, best pop in one or two just in case.  Not sure how much sock yarn I left in the house so best to take lots.
Mr FF has got himself a new iPad and has been collecting various IT related items in the hope that we can get some UK telly again, at least when the temperature cools and we stop sitting outside until midnight.  
I'm also taking cat worming tablets, which we can never find in Italy, just in case those little kitties reappear, fingers cross.
Sitting here in socks and jumper with rain hitting against the windows its hard to believe we shall be in the sunshine soon, once we get over the channel I can forget about warm clothing for many months, I can't wait.  
A presto Lazio.


  1. You sound very organised (are those bottles of whisky big enough?) and I may pinch your idea and give people blocks of Cheddar next Christmas. Hope you get the telly sorted. When we had our house in Spain, I tried watching TV quizzes but couldn't understand the questions, never mind come up with an answer in foreign. Enjoy living your Italian life and fingers crossed the kits come a-calling.

  2. Safe travels Jenny. I can send out emergency parcels of yarn and Yorkshire tea if needed. I do hope you are greeted by some kitties xx

  3. What a wonderful thing to live in Italy!! Looks so beautiful!