Thursday, 15 March 2018

Big socks and Little socks

Mr FF was in hospital recently having a ganglion, a fluid filled swelling, removed from the top of his right foot.  He made his own way to and from the hospital, half an hour away, leaving at 11 am and returning around 9 pm by taxi.
He managed to text me and most people he knows at various intervals, everything went well and he returned to the hospital this week for a check, they didn't remove the stitches or bandages and he goes back next week when hopefully they will.
So life has become challenging, I've nursed him through man flu before, I knew it wouldn't be easy.  For a while the anaesthetic seemed to obliterate from his memory where anything was in the penthouse, he is recovering and locating essentials now although going a bit stir crazy as he can't walk far or drive at all.
He has taken to wearing a hand knit sock over his dressing, he says the sock was too big anyway, now its enormous but if it helps.
Meantime my niece told me that her littlest had spent a frustrating time trying to get a pair of the socks I'd made her on over her tights.  I knit them some time ago and she'd outgrown them but was pretty determined she would still wear them.  Strangely I was already knitting up little socks with left over yarn so I soon got on the case to stock up both my nieces.

I'm delighted that they love their hand knits and very willing to keep their sock drawers full, I can rustle up a pair quickly and reduce the stash at the same time.  We are all happy. 


  1. I didn't know you could get ganglions on your feet, I've only ever heard of them on the wrists before, I wish Mr FF a speedy recovery. The socks are lovely and I know why your nieces are such fans of hand knit socks, I never wear any other kind of socks now.

  2. Beautifully done if I may say so. Once you get a pattern really off like that you can almost relax and knit them.

  3. Sock gorgeousness! Here's hoping Mr FF is soon properly back on his feet! x

  4. I hope for your sake that Mr FF continues to recover speedily and his memory returns too!!! Loving the arrow on his foot. And the socks for your nieces are just perfect.x

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