Friday, 23 March 2018

Happy Friday

I received this photo from Amelia and Esme, makes me happy 

Mr FF is happy too, he has been back to the hospital, they have discharged him after his op though suggested he keeps the special boot at big longer in case he needs it.  He has been wearing two slippers and now he is in bare feet allowing the air to get to his wound.  He went to the hospital in Bingley on the bus, celebrated his all clear with a curry in Bradford before travelling on to Leeds and then back to Ilkley.  Since he hasn't been able to drive he's used his bus pass a lot, even leaving Yorkshire to venture into Lancashire.
My brother and his wife are coming to stay for a couple of days, it feels springlike outside, enjoy your weekend.


  1. Springlike? Here in North Yorkshire it is bitter cold today

  2. Love those socks. Sounds like great progress being made by your mister (very envious of the Bradford curry, though). Have a fab weekend with your visitors. We have family coming on Sunday for an overnighter. I foresee rather a lot of running after a ball (and I don't mean by Boo).

  3. Love that sock photo so much! And great news too about Mr FF - glad to hear he's out and about.