Thursday, 8 May 2014

This and that

Nothing much to report here and I'm feeling a bit wan (great word).   We haven't had any viewings for the house apart from the drive or walk by kind, a few cars lingering in the road and the odd pedestrian having a look from the back road.  Meanwhile after our big pre photo shoot tidy up we are searching high and low for items pushed into cupboards, if the house takes years to sell it's going to be hard to keep it in a viewable condition and live any sort of life. The weather has been good, I've already had a flip flop day and look what I found in Marks and Spencers at 99p a bottle.  Perfect for exposed toes.
I've been busy knitting for my ex colleague Joanne who gave birth to a little boy last month, I haven't met him yet but apparently he's tiny.  The jumper is an old Rowan pattern, I've completed another pair of socks and I have one more item to knit for Rory.
Post surgery Mr FF is doing great, he had the ten metal staples taken out on Wednesday, said it was painless, but he is still wearing the long white dvt socks, which is a worry as we are planning to fly to Italy fairly soon and shorts with long socks is not a good look.

I just realised that this is post 500 on my blog, pity it has to be so dull and I have no strength for celebration, but its only a number and the next 500 might all be more interesting than this.


  1. Love those nail polishes, I think it's about time I treated myself to a new colourway, ready for the summer. Hope you get some viewings soon. It's very tedious having to keep everything tidy in the house all the time!

  2. Ha ha! Maybe some pretty painted toes will take the focus away from Mr FF in his shorts and white stockings! Ros

  3. Happy 500th post! Hope the house viewings situation picks up for you. Apparently socks with shorts are OK as long as the socks are a 'statement'. Maybe Mr FF could do a bit of tie dyeing?