Wednesday 28 May 2014

Home and Away in our Cinquecento

Now we are back in Scotland, which has been surprisingly sunny, I can show you a few snaps from our time in Italy.
Here's our pretty little holiday car parked outside our house, do take time to admire Mr FF's hard work.  We had such a lot of fun travelling about in this little motor, first it took us to watch the Giro.

Then through the Gran Sasso national park to the Adriatic coast for an overnight at our current number one beach resort of Guilianova and our lovely Hotel Cristallo.

The journey is spectacular with long tunnels and mountain views, we could have lingered en route but wanted to arrive in time for the weekly morning market.  
where we managed to buy porchetta and a bottle of wine for a lazy afternoon on the beach.
And of course I need to show you my drinks bottle from the Giro.   I thought it should feature with my new flip fops, Havaianas in aubergine that offer lots of wonderful toe nail co-ordinating opportunities, I am smiling just looking at them.


  1. Those flipflops! I love them! I wanted to get that color but they were all out in Amazon. I trust you both will be back here soon?

  2. What a fun car! I don't envy you the flip flops, as ones like that cause me severe pain! (but I do like the colour)

  3. Beautiful scenery, but those flip flops steal the scene! We definitely need some ff/nail polish photos!

  4. Beautiful scenery! Looks like a great time was had! ROs

  5. Love the baby Fiat! Love the flip flops, too, and just wish I could manage to walk in them.

  6. This is my first blog visit in a while. Amazingly enough, I'm going this evening to test drive a Fiat 500 as I'm retiring in August and want a smaller vehicle. I work for another franchise dealer and for 25 years have driven only what we sell. Since I'm retiring, I have no conscience regarding loyalty! Ha! So I'm looking at anything that captures my fancy for the first time.