Saturday, 17 May 2014

Two ticked off the list

I don't have great aspirations in life, I am easily pleased but I did have a couple of items on my Italian wish list that have been granted this visit.
Firstly I've always wanted to drive around in a little Fiat 500, a cinquecento, and when we picked up our hire car at the airport there was a practically new white one waiting for us.  It is absolutely adorable, it has a glass roof and is surprisingly spacious for two though probably quite uncomfortable for four.  Granted it has a bit of difficulty getting up and down the mountain to our house but it's so worth it.  Just as well Mr FF is banned from work here, he'd never get a sack of cement either in the boot or up the hill.
Secondly whenever we've watched the cycling, Giro or Tour de France, I've wanted one of the competitors to throw me his water bottle, they usually ditch them during a descent or before a sprint to save weight.  So yesterday we went up to Altipiani to watch a local stage.  We walked from the village towards the mountain climb, not quite reaching the summit before the circus of cars with spares, motor bikes and police arrived.  We had a great view of the front  breakaway and then the peloton, I was so close to the leader in his pink jersey I was delighted.  Then bumph a bottle landed at my feet, actually it hit my legs and bounced away but Mr FF quickly retrieved it for me.  Joy of joys,  it is from team Lotto Belisol who I will now support with passion, there is still some liquid in it, which Mr FF says I must not drink as it may be drugged, and as I pointed out there is the saliva of a champion on it, which I may never wash away.  I couldn't stop smiling all day yesterday and during the 2 mile walk back down to the village I held my bottle close in case it was snatched.  Apart from the team name and the usual advertising on my bottle there is the slogan Live your Dream, so far this visit I've done so twice and they say good things come in threes.


  1. Sounds like you are having fun! Hope you get a third piece of luck very soon.

  2. dragonbook@shaw.ca18 May 2014 at 15:54

    what a great time for you-2 off your bucket list-I personally think Italy is the only place for you and all your selling up and hard work getting ready will be rewarded-I'm anxious to see #3 love Colleen and Greg

  3. Just catching up after my holiday. I hope Mr FF is now fully recovered. How wonderful to fulfil two of your dreams.
    As for keeping the house tiday for potential viewings - when we sold our house in Hamppshire, it was the week between Christmas and New Year, so there were piles of stuff everywhere, and when we sold the onne in Cambridgeshire, we had just unpacked a new stereo system, with boxes and polystyrene all over the place!!
    Enjoy your time in Italy!!

  4. Ahh, this made me smile! Will you instruct Mr FF to build a grotto from his beloved cement (when he is allowed to lift/mix/dig, etc again) so that your water bottle can have a fitting home?
    We had a cinquecento as a hire car when we were in Spain last year; we loved it. Although getting two adults, one child, three suitcases, three other bags and a pram into it to drive from the airport (and back again at the end of the trip) was, shall we say, 'interesting'.

  5. So, you know you must add one to your list for every one you accomplish! An 98 year old woman once told me that a long list of things to accomplish keeps you 20 years younger than your friends who have nothing to work toward! :-)