Sunday, 27 April 2014


In both senses of the word.  Firstly Mr FF and I are just back from the hospital, he reported in at 7.30 this morning and was discharged just before 3 this afternoon.  A long day for us both, him having his general surgery and me trying to pass the time waiting at shops that didn't open till 10.  Anyway we both survived, Mr FF looks a bit worse for wear and is now spark out in front of the tv, or listening to the football as he calls it.  I am pleased to be home and just had a restorative walk round the garden.
And the house details are all correct now and ready for your perusal, do have a look at the video.  There has been a resounding lack of response, I know property out in the country where we are takes a long time to sell but we'd happily have some time wasters just to get some practise doing viewings. My niece, an estate agent in York, did comment on the huge amount of information available, big brochure, photographs, video etc and with google earth people hardly need to come out to look at all.  I take her point but it seems the way things are now.  The marketing for the last house we sold was one A4 sheet with a small black and white photo of the front of the property and room sizes typed out below, that was a while ago.
OK we are both planning to zonk out in front of the telly after some dinner, Mr FF is encouraged to walk as much as he can as part of his recovery, but not today.  He can't drive for 10 days, which means we won't be going out much as I didn't appreciate all his criticism of my driving on the way home, not in too much pain for that was he.


  1. Hope Mr FF heals quickly! Your house looks lovely, the photos are great! It only takes one person to view it and want to buy, I hope you are lucky. Fingers crossed.

  2. Hope Mr FF makes a speedy recovery! The bungalow looks really lovely! Ready to move straight into, by the look of it! Good Luck!

  3. Looks fab - I had always thought you lived further north!!!
    There should be no problem selling as its so close to Edinburgh surely?

  4. Wishing Mr FF a problem-free recovery. (We have a similar situation here at the moment, as you know. Don't think I'm cut out to be a carer!) Thanks for letting us have a nosey round your lovely home.

  5. How can you ever think of leaving this stunning home? I know it's very large but it's the most beautiful place I've ever seen!!! Especially where it's situated. The grounds are so lovely and the view is so perfect!!
    I would live here in a heartbeat but could never afford it.