Friday 3 January 2014

Out with the old

Someone asked me the other day for my mobile number so they could text me and was shocked to hear I don't have a mobile.  On further questioning I did agree I have a mobile, that I only switch on if I am out on my own in case of emergency, a text might not be read for weeks. Call me old fashioned, I hate to see people constantly checking their mobiles, texting people in the same room, cryptically updating the world that they can't believe what just happened even though it obviously did just happen. It's probably because I'm old enough to remember when we used call boxes if we had the right change and managed perfectly well without letting everyone know where we were all the time.  
So you won't be surprised to hear that I still use and love a paper diary or two.  I carry my small pink leather Filofax in my handbag replacing the diary pages each year and keep a larger prettier diary on my desk.  For 2013 I enjoyed A French Country Diary that inspired me with beautiful photographs and had me wondering if they did an Italian equivalent, I have yet to find one.  
I loved turning the pages every week to have something new and gorgeous to admire.
So I was delighted when I received a recent small sales purchase from Boden, I spent less than £30, to find a gift in the parcel,  a diary entitled Creating Order from Chaos in 2014.   Its very sweet, with pretty pictures appropriate to each month, obviously I love the summer ones.  
It also has sections for information etc - a secret password list that includes the website, a very cryptic clue to the password and a less cryptic clue to help me remember the password.  The Christmas present list has columns for name, what they want, what they need, what they'll get.  The shopping list pages are already started with wine, chocolate and flowers and other lists include Songs that Make me feel Fantastic, Books that Changed my Mind and Dreams and Schemes.   I don't imagine I will become organised enough to complete all the sections, I'm not a great list writer, but this little diary has made me very happy and positive for the New Year.  I hope 2014 is everything you want it to be and more, I'm looking forward to it and not least to taking pen to paper and writing in my diary.


  1. I like diaries and books too! Much prefer things written down on paper. I love the photos in your diary, they're putting me in the mood for a holiday in the sun!

  2. I have slowly become a techno diary user I'm afraid, but then that is in part down to the fact that at work the school diary is now online!!!! Happy New Year to you! Ros

  3. I'm a paper and pen person too. Admittedly, I use my phone a lot for looking at the interweb (I'm reading your blog via my phone right now), but I use a 'proper' (ie paper) diary and calendar and can't imagine ever reading a book in any format other than good old-fashioned paper!

  4. I forget to look at what I have written in my diary - I use post-its stuck to the kitchen table to remind me of appointments!