Monday 27 January 2014

Knitting now

Almost the end of January and no new yarn (or books) purchased.
I've used up some odds and ends making baby socks.
I restarted and finished a little jumper that Pam began for one of her grand children, its the shape of one pattern to the stitches of another, seems to have worked OK.
And I've used up a fair amount of this lovely Wensleydale longwool from my stash making myself a Clapotis.  I've only knit this scarf pattern once before in a gorgeously soft thick silk yarn.  This time I'm working with 4 ply and size 12 needles, its a long haul and the wool is slightly harsher than I hoped, since its from Yorkshire I forgive that.  I won't know until I've blocked it all whether it works, at present it looks a bit lumpy 
but I've applied steam to one section so you can see how the diagonal dropped stitches should be.  The top picture is nearer to the true colour.
I always have the dilemma of not knowing how long to make a scarf, unless I have to stop because I've run out of yarn.   Since there is plenty of this maybe a scarf can never be too long.  


  1. Oooh I LOVE those gorgeous baby socks...and that beautiful pink wool which looks delightfully soft.
    have fun with those needles
    Tilly x

  2. Lovely baby socks, so, so cute! The pink Clapotis is going to be very cosy too. I'd knit it nice and long so there's plenty to wrap around and snuggle into!

  3. I agree with Josie - unless it's a special type of scarf I'd make it nice and long. Round the neck and hanging down both sides in the front to me is the way to go

  4. You have been busy! (Btw, I'd love that sweater in a big person's size.) As for your scarf, the longer the better I'd say.

  5. Love those cute little socks and the gorgeous little sweater. I was just wondering what pattern you had used, then read that it had been a combination of two!! ;-) Ros