Thursday 9 January 2014

Oranges and pairs

Marmalade making season seems to have come round early this year but when I spotted Seville oranges in the shops this week I bought them straight away. However, I got mixed up between pounds and kilos, so I have twice as much fruit as I intended.  No problem I'll make twice as much marmalade this year, plenty for us plenty to give away.

The recipe I use is a two day process so having made 11 jars over the last couple of days I'll be doing it all again before the end of the week.  Not unlike knitting socks, you make one and then do the same again, so when I'm not busy boiling I'm making these orange and lemon ones to continue the fruity theme.  The pattern is Cherry Swirl from Fleece Artist the yarn Fortissima Mexiko.
As a bonus the house smells delicious, no need for scented candles for a while.


  1. Oooh thanks for the heads up about the Seville oranges, that's really early! We just finished our last jar of marmalade. Love the colours in your yarn and the pattern goes with it perfectly!

  2. Mmm, marmalade, can't find Seville oranges in this neck of the woods, so we often make a lime one instead. I've advise you to try it but I think you're going to have enough to contend with eating the orange one! The cowl is finished, just needs ends weaving in and blocking, and I now have three pairs of socks on the go and not two. Finally, I've got wip's, must be a real knitter now!

    It's actually above freezing today, slightly, and will rain tomorrow before getting cold again next week. I plan to stay in this weekend and work on socks.


  3. I still have jars of marmalade in the cupboard from last year (as well as lots of jams that were Christmas presents) but I don't want to miss out on making marmalade. I think I may just have to find lots of people to gift it to! x

  4. I have never seen Seville oranges here but would kill to get some. Marmalade is a huge favourite in our house!
    Love the yarn!

  5. Oh I just love homemade marmalade!!! I can smell that fabulous citrus smell from here! Those socks are rather lovely too. The yarn fits the pattern beautifully. Ros