Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Now I'm 65

It was my birthday last Friday I was 65.  No please don't make a fuss, it was quite an important milestone and ideally I wouldn't have chosen to spend it without Mr FF but there you go.  
It didn't start too well when Google acknowledged the event before my husband .

Pam had kindly offered to take me out to lunch at Dawyck botanic garden not too far away.  Beautiful policies, as we call the grounds in Scotland. There must be some micro climate that has kept so many leaves on the trees, the colours were spectacular.  We had a good walk round in the sunshine before lunch in the visitors centre and a scenic drive home, all very enjoyable.
There were several birthday emails waiting from Mr FF with impressive photographs of the completed work, I love the new steps and I'm glad he didn't go for the marble surface he first considered.   I was a bit concerned as he seemed to have taken my terracotta sun from the chimney and embedded it into the stucco on the wall behind my plant shelf.  Some questioning and a close up photo confirmed that it is actually a new sun he purchased for my birthday, relax.
Then I received a flower delivery, an extravagant bunch of roses and lilies from the man.  
Not a bad birthday at all.


  1. Happy Birthday! Lovely flowers, and Dawyck Gardens is a lovely place to visit. The steps look good.

  2. Congratulations on reaching your 65th. It sounds like you had a good day even if the Mister was absent. I don't recall what I did on mine!

    The stonework looks beautiful.

  3. Happy Birthday to you (albeit slightly belated)!
    Sounds like you had a lovely day and it looks like the weather was kind.
    Mr FF's handiwork is looking super.

  4. Glad you had an enjoyable day. What impresses me the most is the fact that Google sends you birthday greetings!! You are obviously a VIP!!! I bet you can't wait to inspect Mr FF's handiwork!

  5. Belated happy birthday. Looks like you and Pam chose a lovely setting for your celebratory lunch (and I do hope cake featured!). The mister did a great job on those steps.

  6. Belated Happy Birthday, Jenny!

  7. Ha ha! Happy belated birthday Jenny! Ros

  8. What a wonderful birthday, even if you did have to spend it apart from the Mister. It sounds like you had a wonderful day none the less. Love the new stonework, and the flowers of course. Here's to the next 65 yrs!


  9. Belated Happy Birthday, Jenny! And Mr FF did a great job on the Italian house--glad I got to see it "before". You are a wonderful knitter! Hope all is well with you.