Wednesday 20 November 2013

Village market

There was a market in our village on Saturday morning organised by some of the local mums to raise funds for the children's Christmas party.  It was well publicised, every house had a flyer through the door and there were posters around.  I was delighted to take a walk down to the hall on a sunny morning, admission was £2 which included as much tea or coffee and home baked cakes as you could manage, it all just kept coming and everything was delicious.
There was a good variety of stalls, from table top second hand items, including beautiful tiny baby clothes at 50p an item, children's toys at £1 and books for 50p each, which did nothing to help my shelf decluttering as I couldn't resist a hand full.
Home baking, the rest of my sparkly cupcakes have already been eaten

Local veggies fresh from the ground,
I won this pretty cotton shopper on the tombola, together with a miniature bottle of creme de menthe.  
Its great to be able to get together with friends and neighbours, to shop local or sit and chat in the cafe area especially in a small but spread out village like ours that has no amenities, no shop, pub or tea room, nothing but a church, a village hall and few bus stops. So it was disappointing that the turn out wasn't great, a lot of people went to a lot of effort to organise this fun morning and it was the same few regular supporters who attended. These functions are what make a village, I just hope the fundraisers don't lose heart as it would be a great loss if our infrequent but important community events stopped completely.  


  1. It would seem that your local community missed a good opportunity to get together. It is so sad that there is little in the way of social meeting places.

  2. It's sad when events aren't well-supported, especially when they've been well advertised. Short of actually dragging people along, there's little you can do, but at least you made the effort and that's what life in a village should be about.

  3. It's sad when people don't get involved in their community - I just wish we had a community here, but we just have a collection of houses spread out over a large area. There is a church, which we don't go to, but as far as I knoww it doesn't have a hall, and I've never heard of any activities there other than the Sunday morning services.

  4. Our village has a wonderful village hall but as far as I can see, very little actually goes on there which is a great shame. You did very well with your purchases. Mr JK and I both read that Harlan Coben book on holiday a few years ago - be prepared to do nothing but read once you start it!

  5. Oh I envy you the small village life. We are so widespread here, no one knows anyone else and there are no little stores to buy things. The older I get the more I miss living in the UK.

  6. Sounds like a lovely afternoon out. I have read the bottom two books in your pic, and can recommend both - the Tamar Cohen was a particularly good one, I seem to remember.