Monday, 11 November 2013

I thought I was a knitter, now I'm not so sure

While I was in Italy I was happily knitting socks when it wasn't too hot and I decided that when I got home without Mr FF I would tackle something a bit more challenging, like lacework, while I had the time and solitude for concentration.  I regularly read other people's blog posts about tackling complicated patterns, having several projects on the go at once, whipping up a garment in a weekend and I imagine I might be the same.
All those lonely nights in front of the telly, so what have I been knitting, mostly socks.   I did make a little pink wrap top to send off for a newborn in Italy, a pattern I've used lots of times and I made another cowl from a pattern I've used before plus several pairs of plain socks from a Regia yarn I like very much, but nothing new at all.

Still, using up the stash you might think, not even that.  I ordered 6 balls of sock wool to be delivered to me in Italy but after 3 weeks they hadn't arrived and though Get Knitted kindly offered to send them again I was running out of time, whilst eeking out the yarn I had, and we agreed it would be best to send them to the UK when I got home.  Then I spotted the above Regia and ordered half a dozen 100g balls.  
I received a couple of inspirational books for my birthday so I have had a rootle through my stash and identified a lot of yarn to use up for gloves, cowls etc but progress is slow.   
However,  I have had a good look through the various patterns I've downloaded over the years, realised I'm never going to knit that heirloom bed cover and passed a lot of these onto the charity shop.  And I have been taking good care of my birthday flowers, here they are a week later opening up beautifully and brightening these frosty days that are no good for gardening and great for knitting.


  1. Your flowers eem to be getting better as time goes on. What luck.

    Please tell me which of the Regia yarns makes those pretty patterns on your socks? I keep trying different ones but they never look that pretty!

  2. I really must pick up my crochet hook again - I'm missing it. Your flowers are looking absolutely lovely.

  3. Ha! If you're not a knitter what does that make me!!!? I love sock yarn, I mean, I seriously LOVE sock yarn! I seem to have amassed quite a little stash of it! Never tried Regia yet though. My project list is currently 3 deep, Secret Santa scarf knitting at work; a cabled bag at home and a pair of cabled socks, also at home. Can't cope with anything more than that! Lovely books, I have my eye on that Judith Durrant one, having one of her other books already. Let me know what you think of it would you? The flowers are still really pretty too. Weather sounds perfect for knitting, it snowed here last night!! Time to put another blanket on the bed, lol!


  4. Doh, like my comment wasn't long enough already! I like this pattern idea for using up bits of sock wool.

    Maybe next time you're in Italy you can raise a glass to the brave men of Company Z.

  5. I think that socks are my go-to comfort knit, perhaps that's the same with you. Definitely a good idea to stay inside in the warm and knit!

  6. I need more sock yarn - the proper self patterning kind!! I too have lots of patterns thhat realistically I know I will never knit - but I can dream!