Friday, 26 April 2013

Who knows where the time goes

Hard to believe we've been in Lazio over two weeks and I've told you nothing.  We have been busy.  When we arrived we found our water supply disconnected, Mr FF discovered a leak in the pipe above our house, inadvertently repaired major leak to the nearby sports ground and finally fixed our minor leak, all of which occupied him for two days.    The supply pipe is not very far into the ground and it seems that heavy traffic or parked cars can press the pipe onto stones and fracture it.  Since two of the houses in our little road of four are for sale it's unlikely that we will upgrade the supply for a while but it would make sense to do so one day.
We've done some socialising, a couple of long lunches with friends and last Sunday along with many others took part in a 16 k walk, such fun.  I'll give you a full post later but let me tell you I've done a lot of long distance walking, it's the first time wine, limoncello and grappa have been offered at a drinks stop.
Mr FF and his concrete mixer continue working at the the back door and I have gardened furiously.  While we were in Scotland Mario had pruned the olives and planted broad beans, I've added sunflowers and nasturtium, bought a dozen tomato plants and I'm waiting to sow more flower seeds.   My little lemon tree survived the winter as did my geraniums.  Such a gorgeous time to be here, the hillside is covered in blossom and wild flowers, the days get warmer though we have eaten breakfast outside since we arrived, the cuckoo is about.  Everything is as it should be apart from my lack of blogging but we blame that on the iPad don't we.


  1. Just enjoy yourself and relax...

  2. I can hear "relaxed" in your writing.
    There is some types of work that bring you to that state, especially when you are contented with where you are.
    So happy to see your voice!

  3. Sounds perfect. Hope you are managing to drink tea and knit whilst sporting your flip flops!

  4. What a difference location makes! We are here still in warm clothing with windows shut tight against the wind and rain. My tomato seeds that I started in March are slowly losing the battle as there isn't enough warmth and light in the south-facing window to keep them going. It could also be that I've got lousy tomato seeds. We need some sun!

  5. “The supply pipe is not very far into the ground and it seems that heavy traffic or parked cars can press the pipe onto stones and fracture it.” – Most likely. Have you upgraded your water supply yet? If I were you, I’d do it soon before the leak gets worse. Levi @

  6. Good thing that the broken pipe was fixed immediately, as it could have gotten worse. Seems like Mr. FF had two very busy days. I hope something was done to address the proximity of the pipe to the ground or you’ll face repeated troubles with your water supply.

    Sheryl August