Saturday, 6 April 2013

I'll miss you but not that much

Although its been very cold it has been exceptionally dry so I have managed to get out into the garden for tidying and cutting back while Mr FF has taken down a few trees to let more light in and provide fuel for the stove.   We still have snow on the ground and the wind continues to be icy which means this year everything is delayed.  

My hellebores have done their best but took quite a battering, freezing under the snow and only now recovering.  They are so gorgeous and exotic, some of my favourite flowers.
Lots of plants standing by for action, plenty of buds and I imagine that when the flowers do appear so will the warmer weather and they won't last long.  And of course we are off to Italy in a few days,  I'm going to miss everything, including the daffodils
 and the erythronium, pink yellow and blue

primula denticulata, the drumstick primrose, I love those too
In the conservatory my orchids are set to flower, one stem open and half a dozen more to come on this plant
But the forecast in our part of Lazio by next Saturday is for temperatures of 20 degrees.   Now that's a tough choice, spring bulbs or sunshine, maybe I'll just shut up and go paint my toe nails for the first time this year.


  1. Hello Jenny
    Personally I'd take the sunshine any day!
    Maybe there'll be some bulbs near to your 'other place'- if not there's always next year
    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  2. No contest, I'd say! Have a lovely time in Italy.

  3. Have a great time Jenny. Not jealous, not one teensy bit!!! Make sure you pack plenty of Yorkshire tea and yarn. If our cold weather continues, you might not want to come back. (I am willing to send mercy parcels if needed!)

  4. Not really a choice to think too long and hard about! I'd go for the sunshine every time. Have fun and don't forget about us! Ros

  5. Have a wonderful time!

  6. I love hellebores and they grow wild over the chestnut forest. Those along with the yellow primula give me hope for spring, although by all acounts the weather in Lazio is much, much more agreeable than what we're getting up north. For the first time ever, my neighbor even called to complain about the weather!

  7. I hope you don't expect sympathy from us for missing your flowers when you're about to head back to Italy!! I'm sure there'll be flowers aplenty there.


  8. "I love hellebores and they grow wild"

    I am fond of hellebores too.. I just love them.