Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Knitting now

I was very pleased with the way Amelia's little ballet wrap turned out, the bamboo yarn knitted up well and I liked the twisted rib detail.
I posted her gift last week and shortly afterwards received this lovely thany you card.  The sleeves were slightly shorter than I'd imagined but Amelia's Mum said they looked fine, with plenty of movement for Port de Bras as we dancers say.  So Amelia was looking forward to wearing her wrap when class restarted after the Easter holiday.
Sunday evening just before I went to bed I received this happy email from Amelia's Mum
Amelia wore her new ballet wrap to her class on Sat.  Her teacher, Miss Lucy was standing by the door as she was going in and said to Amelia 'Oh this is very swanky, who has been knitting for you?'  Amelia pushed out her chest and very proudly announced 'Auntie Jen'!!  Bless her she was very impressed, firstly with her new wrap and secondly that Miss Lucy liked it too.
I'm quite inclined to push out my own chest, the patchwork aran is finished.  I am pleased firstly because I managed to find enough yarn to complete it and secondly because it is gorgeous, quite heavy but so interesting and very warm.  Once I was familiar with the various patterns I really enjoyed myself twisting all those cables, apart from some shedding of yarn which involved short and slightly curly grey hairy bits drifting round the lounge.  We won't go there or discuss Mr FF's comments.
So back to socks for now, to be knitted in Italy hopefully outdoors in the sun.  


  1. What a little darling Amelia is in her ballet wrap. It's so nice when handknits are appreciated.

    Happy sock knitting in the sun!!

  2. She looks beautiful. It's a lovely shade of pink as well.

    Have a brilliant time in the sunshine! x

  3. Amelia is such a delightful child.

    Your Aran looks wonderful!

  4. How cute is Miss Amelia in her new wrap?

    Wishing you a very sunny sock knitting trip!

  5. Precious ballet wrap for a precious niece and a stunning cabled Aran sweater (with a persevering history)--- a wee bit of strutting is well earned, I'd say.

    Safe trip wishes; I'm looking forward to cyber postcards with lots of photos.

  6. Amelia looks lovey in her wrap! The Aran is fabulous. Enjoy knitting socks in the sun!!

  7. oh pretty! you seem to like knitting a lot.


  8. Pretty little ballet wrap. I agree, the detail is lovely. Then, WOW! The cabled Aran sweater is just stunning. I guess you could hope for cold, dull weather in Italy, so that you can wear it, but I guess that's not what you'll be hoping for. Happy return to socks and sun! Ros