Monday, 15 April 2013

If I'd known I'd have dressed better

So we had an eventful 11 hour journey to Lazio.  We had decided to travel with British Airways on two flights via Heathrow using up some air miles and allowing us to travel with hold and cabin luggage at no extra cost, and I hoped mean we would get a snack or two on board.
Our first flight from Edinburgh was delayed by 50 minutes which meant transfer would be right but no great worries at the lady at the BA desk kindly booked us seats in the next flight to Rome whilst also keeping our original ones.  Quick sprint through terminal 5 which was pity as its really a huge shopping mall and we arrived as the end of the queue for our planned flightwas boarding.  Unfortunately we were told that our reserved seats had been changed and we'd have to sit right at the back, which I really don't like particularly in large planes as this was.  We made some fuss and were offered separate seats nearer the front, we made some more fuss and I have to say the ground staff were really helpful.  They suggested we get on board, by which time all the other passengers had, showed us the options and feeling a bit self indulgent I said ok I would sit at the back.  The rear of the plane was occupied by a large group of noisy but jolly Italian teenagers, presumably a school trip.  Mr FF was still at the front of the plane in discussion with a steward, I took my coat off and started to settle in but Mr FF and the steward were beckoning me to them.  I was shaking my head and pointing to the rear seats, apparently the steward said she'll soon change her mind when she sees where she's going.  I finally unsettled myself, wandered to the front and was lead into the first class, or world traveller or swanky pants area whatever it's called.  Hot towels were soon followed by champagne, and relax.  It was quiet, it was calm, they fed us though we said we weren't 
really entitled to a meal, offered more champagne, which we declined.  I've never had such a wonderful flight, I'd happily have stayed on for many more than the two hours, I did wonder about 
asking if I could. The steward even took time as we approached Rome to come and wish is a good 
stay and apologise for the seat mix up.  First time I've ever travelled any way but in the cheap seats apart from once to America in premium economy.  If BA flew direct to Rome from Edinburgh  I'd happily pay the difference to travel in style, as it is I have no idea how Mr FF plans to get me on the free for all, pay for everything and don't bring any luggage or expectations of customer service Ryanair flight home .  Luckily that won't be for a few weeks, and yes the sun is shining constantly. 


  1. Oh lucky you and yes, I know what you mean. We were upgraded on a flight to Delhi a few years ago. We'd booked business class, as the mister and boy are very tall and extra leg room was deemed necessary for a 10 hour flight, but first class was something else. I think I moaned constantly on the way back.

  2. ON my first ever flight to Morocco we were upgraded to First too. It was such a delight but the homeward journey was not quite as good.

  3. Oh what a lovely way to start your stay in Italy. Hmm, Ryanair will be rather a comedown!!

  4. Great start to the holiday! Love a bit of BA business class pampering - does make you feel a bit special, doesn't it? Have a wonderful time - do hope the weather is better there than it is here!

  5. Ha ha! Great story. Have a wonderful time!! Ros

  6. I cannot see you agreeing to travel by Ryanair ever again. :)

  7. Jenny, Is everything o.k.?
    I've been checking everyday hoping to see..."We've arrived!".
    love, bj