Thursday 14 March 2013

Little dancer

In the new year my great niece Amelia started dance class and recently her school put on their first show.  I wish I'd been there to see it, her Mum said she was so enthusiastic and has continued to dance not just her own routine but the whole show at home.  Here she is backstage in her beautiful costume, calm and confident
and at practise earlier, I can see by the hairband she's taking this very seriously
She looks adorable, how could I not start knitting her a little ballet top, pink of course.  
 especially as it looks like this outside so I can't get into the garden
4 balls of Freedom Gorgeous 75% bamboo ordered yesterday, arrived today, thank you Black Sheep great price, great service and a lovely pattern from Melissa Allen.  Just a pity I won't be finished for this Saturday morning's class.


  1. Oh, she has melted my heart, so lovely. All my great nieces are all over the world and I no longer see them or their children, such a sadness.

    My maternal grandma was called Amelia, it's a lovely name.

  2. What a beautiful ballerina! And when I read that her name is Amelia, I almost fell out of my chair.
    Husband just told me this morning that if we had a daughter, his favorite name for her is Amelia Bordeaux (the name of a business journalist).

    We are beyond retirement age, so there will be no daughters. Niece Amelia will have to carry his favorite girl name... as she is gracefully pliéing. While wearing that darling tu-tu and her new-to-be ballet top, of course (perfect color!).

  3. How cute is Miss Amelia? I always wanted one of those ballet cardigan thingies but my mum didn't knit and in those days there were no specialist shops locally. Bet I would have been a better dancer with one, too!

  4. Amelia is so fortunate to have you as a great aunt! We are expecting loads of snow (I hope the last) this weekend so I should be sharing photos soon enough. Will you be coming down to Italy soon?

  5. Ah, great photos of little Amelia, and yes, she's definitely taking that seriously! Just think of that snow as extra moisture for the garden! The little wrap will be brilliant, you know she'll love it.


  6. I had a little pink ballet cardigan just like this! Your post brings back many happy memories!

  7. She just looks adorable - I love her ballet outfits. Thank you for the wool link, haven't heard of Black Sheep so will pop over later and have a look at their offerings.

  8. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your lovely projects. I especially enjoy reading about your visits to Italy! I'd like to share an award with you and hope you'll hop over to my blog for details!