Friday, 8 March 2013

I turn scarves into socks

Whilst waiting to find out when the aran yarn to finish my cardigan might come back into stock, and getting extremely annoyed that companies cannot be bothered to reply to their customers even in times of recession, I have kept busy knitting socks with some of the Regia Creativ I bought recently.  I didn't expect to get a stunning result from the colour change so I added a bit of pattern for interest, these first ones are Cherry Swirl by Fleece Artist.  I managed to produce a matching pair by knitting from one end of the scarf then winding the yarn into a ball and starting from the opposite end.  
The yarn is a little bit thin and splity compared to other Regia I've used, these socks turned out smaller than I expected on a 64 stitch pattern so I looked for something with a few more stitches for the next attempt.
I am now knitting Jules by Kate Blackburn, a pattern based on 68 stitches that I've used previously to knit socks for Mr FF.  Again the colour patterning is rather predictable but these shades are so me and the size seems about right. 

The price of this yarn was excellent and I'm going to have an interesting mix of left overs that I hope will make me a wild pair of socks as the spare wool is all from the centre and brightest part of each scarf.   There is the added and unique benefit that when we next fly out to Italy I can wear my holiday knitting yarn rather than pack it into my hand luggage.  I could even wear it in the car when we drive to Italy in the summer, the scarf reducing appropriately the more I knit and the further south we travel.   Creativ indeed.


  1. I just hate it when companies don't bother to get back to me - I am turning into a grumpy old woman!! At least you have had some sock knitting to keep you occupied. I love the purple colours,the Jules pattern is a fun knit. I knit a pair one summer whilst we were driving around Germany.

    PS Flo is still wearing collar number 2 - she needs a collar because the cat flap operates via a magnet worn around her neck. Otherwise we will have every Tom, Dick and Harry cat coming in and out!!

  2. Clever stuff. Me? I can make cake disappear.

  3. Wow! Loving the sock production. I've used the Jules pattern too. It knits up really nicely and fits well. Ros

  4. I think I've said before that I am gob smacked at how beautiful your knitting is, and how it all flows from your needles at the rate of knots!! As a non-knitter I am totally amazed at what you do!

    And thanks for calling in at my blog!

  5. Love the socks! My knitting mojo is still awol ......

  6. Great pattern links, I've been over and printed a few off for future projects, got a lot of "future projects" printed off if I'm honest! Love how the socks turned out, still an interesting concept. Hope the snow isn't bothering you but I do realise that's a rhetorical question!