Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Heavy snow and light shopping

More snow equals more knitting.  Fortunately we had plenty of rugby at the weekend to justify time in front of the stove watching the white wet and weighty stuff drifting down outside.  It keeps coming down, I keep sitting knitting.
I went into Edinburgh last Friday, first time this year and I have to say I won't be rushing back into the centre of town.  Mr FF took his car in for its MOT, ie diagnosis of lots of problems that will need to be addressed before we drive to Italy but at least it passed the test.  We dropped the car at the garage early and with our bus passes took ourselves off separately.  Mr FF for a hair cut, to collect some paint for the continuing home maintenance and to eat a curry. I went into Princes Street and wandered past the rather depressing run of the mill shops for a while.  It seems to me as an out of town person much easier nowadays to shop on line than travel 40+ miles to be greeted by some dismal department stores and cheap clothes shops.  I know a revamp of our high streets is on the agenda but its such a pity they have been allowed to become so tired, in these difficult times its going to be hard to attract people back unless more interesting venues appear.   Apart from John Lewis of course, always a pleasure to be in there and I bought Rowan Studio 30 knitting book, which has some gorgeous patterns for the little ones.
After walking the length of Princes Street I got the bus into Morningside which has a good range of individual shops and cafes, proper traditional hardware stores, lovely florists, even a family run cinema.    Mr FF collected the car and met me in Waitrose where I did our main provisions shop, what a treat.  He said I looked extremely happy with my trolley though he'd had a bit of trouble finding not realising I was wearing my wool and cashmere coat instead of my usual mac, one has to dress the part.  Even the daffodils in Waitrose are special
and I found this pattern in a charity shop, the child model doesn't look very happy but I think I could make quite a nice poncho for Esme.
More snow forecast this week, it is becoming a bit tedious, that's the trouble with winter it never knows when to stop.


  1. Sorry you are still having snow, I hope we have seen the back of it now in our neck of the woods. I like a Waitrose shop too, it feels like a real treat, like going to M&S!!! Keep on knitting and stay warm!

  2. Oh I love Morningside - some great charity shops, and the Waitrose is good too. I'm lucky that our nearest supermarket is Waitrose so I tend to do my shopping there to save on the mileage (well, that's what I tell myself...); it's an absolute treat every single time. And if you get a MyWaitrose card you get a free tea or coffee every visit!

  3. Just calling by for a catch up of your life in flip flops. I know just what you mean about the shops in UK town centres these days!! thanks for your wishes to my husband I cannot believe that he has been in hospital since before Christmas, except a brief couple of weeks at home.:(

  4. I haven't been to Edinburgh for ages - I just can't be bothered with the journey and the traffic. I used to enjoy shopping in Stockbridge, with its quirky shops. I'm fed up with the snow - I want some sunshine!!

  5. Your last sentiment (after those lovely photos) could just become one of those classic lines.

    Here in Texas, the saying goes: If you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes and it will change.. (We can go from 75 degrees (F) to 40 in twenty minutes - I've timed it.)

    By Mid-March in most of the Northern Hemisphere, you are absolutely correct!!
    "...the trouble with winter it never knows when to stop."

  6. I've never been to Edinburgh but I know I'd prefer the eclectic shops to the generic high street ones. Hope the snow doesn't hang about, the second half of winter has definitely been much worse than the first half was, we're normally coming out of it by now too, only we're not, not really. I will definitely make more hats but not with wool like that! No give in it and the gauge constantly changed from thick to thin. It was especially hard trying to do a decrease right at the end when it was so tight, the stitches were on the thick side at that point, as was the yarn, it was taking half a dozen attempts, sometimes more, just to decrease and pull the yarn through. Very frustrating! I have however just made my first ever foray to a specialist yarn store and came back with a skein of hand painted Malabrigo yarn from Uruguay. I want to make Damson Cowl with it, it's on Ravelry, need to learn some new stitches to make it! I've also got another pair of socks on the go, one down, one just started. I'll put some photos up when I get a chance.

    PS. Stay warm and keep knitting!