Sunday, 3 March 2013

Lady in waiting

In a state of limbo here.  I'm not just waiting for spring to arrive, the bulbs to flower, life to return, unusually for a girl with such a stash I'm waiting for wool.
I finished the back and one sleeve of my cable cardigan which allowed me to calculate that I have enough to knit the fronts and need two more 100 g balls of Swaledale aran for the second sleeve , assuming that the new batch will tone with the existing or at least not be noticeable if its just one sleeve.  However, the yarn is currently out of stock and I'm reluctant to knit the fronts in case I can't get a decent match.  So back to socks rather than twiddle my finger and thumbs though if I cannot finish this attempt I would definitely knit this cardigan again (in the proper recommended yarn), it is gorgeous.
Then I'm waiting for action.  Last year we had new solar glass installed in the conservatory and this year Mr FF sanded and re-varnished the woodwork, cleaned up the brickwork and gave the floor a good clean.  The latter part has been a long and complicated business, he had to strip down the tiles, re-impregnate them with some sealer stuff and finally apply a polish but unfortunately times have changed and the new products aren't necessarily compatible with the old ones.  He's been on the net, on the phone, into Edinburgh with his bus pass and generally spent a long time sorting out the various problems.  
Hopefully the end is in sight and the polish will go on soon because this is our kitchen table and I am heartily sick of eating perched at the end of all the clutter.  I've tried to redistribute the plants around the house but some of them are here plus an assortment of fittings and cleaners and diy accoutrement.  Miserable.
All the conservatory furniture is in the morning room, it looks like an old folks home with chairs all round the perimeter.
Fortunately the weather is gorgeous at the moment, we've had lots of sunny days and the new glass in the conservatory is working a treat.  We are getting temperatures into the mid 20s with no heating at all, and its barely March.  If only I and the plants and the furniture could get back in. 


  1. Ha ha! I know the feeling. We are in the same boat, sort of. Wandering around the ground floor of the house, in order to make tea and toast. The fridge is in one room, the microwave in another and the mugs etc in a third. Not well planned! However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The glass seems to be doing a grand job. Long live the sunshine! Ros

  2. I hate living in chaos, it has been such a relief unpacking all our boxes, so I can fully sympathise with your frustration. Hope it all gets sorted very quickly!

  3. What a pity about the jumper, really hope they stock more yarn so you can finish it, it's too lovely not to wear. Hope the conservatory gets sorted out too, sounds like it would be great to sit and knit in there right now.


  4. It'll be lovely when it all goes back. You made me laugh with your olf folks home comment! xxxx

  5. Love the spacy look to the conservatory - shame to clutter it up with furniture lol Maybe you could drag a deckchair in their now and again to enjoy the warmth. 20c in March - not bad!