Monday, 1 October 2012

An Italian wedding

While we were staying in Tuscany there was a big wedding at the local catherdral, officiated by the then RC Archbishop of Glasgow who apparently is a relative of the family and had flown out specially.  Irene and I were there we see the action.  
Lots of smart guests, linen, vertiginously high heels and stylish wraps were much in evidence.
Beautiful bridesmaids, the grown ups in plain but elegant dresses.
The bride arrived just a little late in this gorgeous old Cinquecento driven by her Dad, it had to be left down the hill as there is no road access to the church which is as usual at the very top of the old part of town.
Father and bride walked up the steps together 
and into the cathedral.  All very understated and extremely elegant, so Italian.


  1. The bride and bridesmaids look beautiful - no heaving bosoms spilling out of low cut dresses!!

  2. I hope that the Bride's heels were not vertiginous when walking up to the Church! Everyone looks very elegant.

  3. It looks so stylish - especially the little Fiat!

    Pomona x

  4. Thanks for that look into Italian family life - I like the dresses too!

  5. i like the simple bridesmaid dresses. So charming.