Monday, 15 October 2012

Home thoughts from abroad

When Robert Browning wrote this lovely poem, and I'm sorry I can't give you a link to read it, blame the iPad, he was in northern Italy and thinking of spring back home in England.    But suddenly I in southern Italy in autumn have gone all home sick too. It's something I've always suffered from, hard to describe but a sad empty feeling that seems to take over early evening.  It has little to do with distance from the familiar because often as a child I'd be taken during the long summer holidays to stay with my Gran or to my cousins farm, both a few miles from where I lived and either have to be brought home after a few days or arrive with my case then refuse to stay at all.  
I did ask Mr FF last year before we embarked on our first long visit if we could  return if I got homesick, at the time he agreed but of course once I got sad there was no way we were going back and the feeling did pass.  I have everything I need here, including my husband, and I know that if I did go home, I am not even considering it, I'd instantly want to be back in Italy.  Strangely I only feel this way here in autumn, during high summer I am fine and equally strangely I may long to be in Italy when we are in Scotland but never in this heavy hearted displaced person way
Feel free to give me a good talking to, I'll be fine in a few days and boring you all again with tales from our glorious life in Lazio.


  1. I don't want to preach, but I know that when I feel like this (I suspect it's something to do with the menopause for me) I have to DO things. I could sit in front of the computer reading blogs, but that won't help. I go out for a long walk, visit friends, do some crafting, dance a bit, cook a lot - but I have to do. You may be different however.

    If you're feeling melancholy this may not be the best song to listen to, but it's a beautiful song, called "Home Thoughts From Abroad"

  2. Oh, Jenny. Perhaps being away from home in summer is not such a problem because that's generally holiday time when we all hope to be relaxing somewhere different. For me, autumn is always associated with change - for so many years it meant a new school year, there's the new season, different colours, different light, different clothes, different food which can be really unsettling. I'd just say don't be hard on yourself. Indulge in a bit of pampering and it'll pass, with time. In the meantime, I'm sending you a big virtual hug! (Incidentally, I was just the same when I was younger and would cry to be taken home from my gran's or aunties houses which were only a few streets away from my own!)

  3. My daughter used to drive me mad when she was little, she would beg to stay at Grandma's house (about 50 miles away) then would cry as soon as I left and I'd have to go and get her again.

    I hope you get over the homesickness, it is the most awful feeling.

  4. Be sad, even cry a little, wipe those tears away and bless yourselves to enjoy another day. And if it persists come home. Home is where the heart is.

  5. Can you cook yourself something hearty and stodgy as a bit of home comfort? I don't suppose the Italians go in for much in the way of stodge, but I reckon a steamed pud and custard would go down a treat! Hope you get over your 'autumn blues' soon and can enjoy your surroundings. xx

  6. I'm fine when I'm away, o matter for how long, until it's time to go home ..... which is a bit back to front!!