Tuesday 9 October 2012

Seven days of sloth

We've been back in Italy for over a week now and probably had more than seven days of pure idleness.  The weather has been gorgeous, sunny and warm, and our days have gone something like this.  Early morning tea, breakfast on the terrace, move to the easy chairs, perhaps a glass of juice around mid morning, lunch, usually a little snooze, tea and cake late afternoon then dinner and a bit of telly.   Lots of reading and chatting, some days a walk down to the village for coffee or an afternoon visit for ice cream.  All very very relaxing, I imagine a cruise must be like this, flitting from one meal to the next and sitting around in between.  We were so busy in Scotland the two weeks we were home but the conservatory roof was fixed and all the lovely new energy efficient glass installed, such a relief to get the work done and we seemed to run out of steam when it was over.
This can't go on, for one thing whilst I have plenty of reading material, three books finished so far, I've knitted almost two pairs of socks, I only have enough yarn for four more pairs and I must have knitting for the long drive home.  So I've been gardening to keep me away from the needles and Mr FF is forming plans for his next project here.  Fortunately it's outdoors so I'm spared the dust and disorder, gives him the chance to get his treasured cement mixer out and there is the promise that when it's complete I can buy some large pots to plant up for the newly created area.
So that will keep us occupied until the olives are ready, the cruise is over.


  1. I think it does one good to have, every now and then, a slothful week as it lets your body and mind repair themselves ready for the next onslaught of work. Enjoy it while ir lasts.

  2. One must never forget the powers of the internet to order more sock yarn. It will miraculously appear at your command.

  3. I'm not talking to you! We had a frost this morning. Blergh!

  4. I think that it is really called retirement. Enjoy it!

  5. Jenny, how can you possibly stand the pace!! And how can you possibly knit in the heat too?? I had to give up all summer, too hot by far, but the needles are clicking and clacking once more. Frosty morns here, but I do love Fall and feel quite contented, but that could also be due to the fact that the Mister is in England and I'm enjoying the peace and quiet!!


  6. Wish it was hot and sunny here. Enjoy! Ros