Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Holiday snaps

Although we've not been back in Scotland very long, constant days of cold and rain, wearing too many layers of clothes and struggling to get the conservatory renovations finished have made our days in the sun something of a distant memory. Lets take a look at what we got up to.  First of all, this is the view from our hotel bedroom at Montreux, the stopover where Mr FF said he'd rather sleep in the car than pay the cost of the room.  For me the £220 bill, including dinner and breakfast was worth every penny.
Mr FF not only shipped out the 1.2 m sat dish, he also sourced this rather ugly aerial which he temporarily fixed to our sun umbrella.  
Of course he relocated it to the roof, fixed up the new dish and there was UK tv beyond our expectations.    
A day on the beach, I love the Italian beach culture and am happy to sit in my allocated line people watching and enjoying a distance glimpse of the sea.  
We actually enjoyed the trip so much we went back, to different locations, twice more.
I don't have a photo but I'm happy to report that one of the cats that lived with us last summer reappeared, we think it was Paolo one of the ginger and white ones.  He looked fit and obviously well fed, accepted the food we gave him but always went off afterwards, which leads us to believe that he has found a proper home and hopefully the rest of the tribe did too.  Finally, a gorgeous gift from our neighbour Mario.  Beautiful veggies that fed us for days.  Mario has a piece of land lower down in the village, where he tells me the soil is better and presumably the climate too.  He told me that for August and September his family is completely self sufficient, with enough fruit and veg for bottling and freezing plus plenty to give away.  
If only he could bottle some of that sunshine for me I'd be unscrewing the jar right now.


  1. Please let me get this right - the second picture is your very own balcony/veranda? So why would you need to watch TV?

    Also why are you still living in Scotland in this weather? I do love Scotland, it is the most remarkable place, but it is damp and cold so, given the choice...

    I have never been happy on a beach, but the abundance of the harvest is far better to contemplate...

  2. Lovely harvest basket you have there. I'm loving this autumn weather. The colder the better for me!

  3. It's so nice to see the sunshine in your photos, I can almost feel the warmth radiating from them! (said she, wearing woolly socks, a cardigan and a shawlette!)