Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Trimming Time

Our Christmas tree is still growing in the front garden, for the last few years we've been able to provide our own not always ideal specimen, good enough for the season and later for the stove. I got the box of decorations out at the weekend and had a good look through, its always nice to re-discover these once a year items and remember why I keep them. We start out with a tree decked in white baubles, silver beads and white lights that we think is quite sophisticated, then we add the important things.
The little bell our niece made us at nursery, she is in her mid twenties now.
The golden fish that I bought in Glasgow one year with Helen, in the happy times when we used to take a day off work for a girlie trip that involved more coffee, cakes and trying on of clothes than it did Christmas shopping. I hope she still has hers.
This pretty fold out card that came from friends in Taiwan, its 3 dimensional with cut out santas, I couldn't bear to throw it away and put it up every year.
And of course what would Christmas be without an armadillo. I bought this for Mr FF the year he'd been in South America and it still makes me smile.
So not exactly a designer tree, and as Christmas progresses we do tend to add more bits and pieces, ribbon from parcels, pretty tags etc, but we like it for the tradition and memories that we've created. I hope you tree holds as much magic for you.

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  1. I always think a tree is so much nicer with decorations that mean something -especially those collected over a long period of time. We have several that were rescued from my mother a few years ago, when she had a clear out of 'tatty ornaments' - but to me they were always a key part ofthe decor. Yes, they do look scruffy, and don't match anything else, but to me they're part of my past....