Monday, 8 December 2008

Quiet days

Things have certainly been quiet around here this last week, its been too cold and snowy to be outside in the garden and to be honest I haven't felt like doing much inside. Which is bad because we are having new kitchen worktops and sink fitted next week and we'll need to move everything out of the units but before that we want to paint the kitchen ceiling. I've got half of it washed down, its an awful job so to cheer myself up I got out one of my favourite tins.

I bought this in Italy a few years ago, complete with Christmas panatone and carried it home in the days when you could carry sizeable things on flights. Its fortunate for us that when we first bought our house in Lazio we were able to take out so many things in our hand luggage, several sets of crockery, cutlery, teapots and kettles, all wrapped up in bedding and towels for the house. We were also able to bring back bottles of our own lovely olive oil, now we chance a bottle or two in the suitcase, worth the risk and so far no disasters.

I've got my first panatone in the tin, I expect we shall get through several over the holidays. I love panatone with a good strong coffee for breakfast and having it in my international Christmas tin makes it even more special.
Thank you for all your kind thoughts since we lost Cleo, people have contacted us via the blog and directly, it does help and we really appreciate it. Later this afternoon we have been invited up to Peaches' house for mince pies and cat cuddling, I hope that will help get me back on track.


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