Thursday, 18 December 2008

A stitch too far?

I'm not sure if this isn't wrong. I bought a couple of balls of gold Rowan Shimmer in a charity shop with the intention of using it to tie up Christmas parcels but then I was looking through the latest Rowan magazine and found a pattern for knitted ribbon in exactly that yarn. Knitted ribbon does seem a bit beyond what I want to produce but I've done it now, at least of a couple of metres of it. I think, in my more festive moments, that I might drape it on the Christmas tree, if we ever get round to putting one up, we don't always, or on the mantle piece if I ever get round to putting up the holly swags, I did one year. My cold is a lot better now, apart from a hacking cough that prevents me sleeping so my activities are returning to normal. I still have to knit some of the little stockings for myself, no urgency there, and am not knitting any more Christmas gifts so I've started a pair of socks using the yarn I bought in France.
Its a silky soft combination of 39% wool 48% cotton and 13% polyamide. I'm really enjoying the spring like colours, the perfect antidote to my excess of festive nonsense. Knitted ribbon indeed.

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