Tuesday 2 December 2008


We had Cleo put to sleep this morning and she is buried in the front garden wrapped in the white baby blanket that was round her when Jacquie and the twins brought her from next door to live with us all those years ago. Over the weekend she stopped eating, even fresh haddock, prawns and salmon wouldn't tempt her and she was surviving on water, cat milk and a little beaten egg. David our vet agreed that it was the kindest thing to do and her death was very peaceful, he was always so kind and gentle with her.
We miss her terribly, the house is so empty, but we are trying to remember all the happy times and all the naughty things she did, like bringing six mice into the house in quick succession and eating them all.
This is the cat dish we brought her back from Palm Springs last year, she liked it a lot, she was a beautiful cat, good girl Cleo.


  1. So sorry to hear the sad news - Cleo was a lovely little thing, always very friendly and pleased to say hello to her visitors. I know you will miss her greatly.

    Sending you both a hug

    Little Miss Sunshine xxx

  2. Just heard the news... so sorry that I only just met her, but consoled that she passed gently. Thinking of you and Mr P today.

    Pamela xox

  3. I'm sorry, that's so very sad. She was a lady in a million and was lucky to have such a lovely loving home with you two (and vice versa).

    All my love

  4. new to your blog - looking after you left nice comment on ours - thank you! your entry made tears just pop out of my eyes! we lost our lovely murphy dog about a year ago and the hole he has left behind is huge! he too was such a gentle kind animal - lovely to have these wonderful animals around for a while! anne

  5. Sorry for your loss. It's the worst kind of decision to have to make and does leave such a gaping hole. Glad you're focusing on the good memories...