Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Tres Francais

Our trip to the Dordogne was out first visit to rural France, we'd only ever been to Paris before, and the thing that surprised me was just how very French it was. Of course I had preconceived ideas, based mainly on books and films like Chocolat and Clochmerle, I even suggested that a little bar we spotted might have been where James Colburn was called to the phone by the resistance workers in The Great Escape. Our walks and country drives showed us so many beautiful and immaculate houses from magnificent chateaux to gorgeous little cottages. The Dordogne is obviously an extremely affluent area and in a different class to the part Lazio where we usually spend our holidays.Daglan, the village near our house, had a perfect square with the requisite charcuterie, pattiserie and a great restaurant, there was also a salon de the but unfortunately it had closed for the winter.
We were in deepest foie gras country, every other shop sold the yellow cans of pate and often with goose related souvenirs, tea towels, mugs etc. I did try foie gras once, the beef I ordered for my birthday meal came with a small medallion of pate on top. One tiny taste was enough, I am not a fan of the product or its production methods. This is the old goose market in Sarlat with its appropriate little bronze statues, now they would have made a nice souvenir.

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  1. Truly, it looks it came out from a movie. Very nice indeed.