Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Strictly not right

Pam just phoned me and Joanne just emailed me to let me know that John Sargeant has decided to pull out of Strictly. I know there are many other and much more important things happening in the world but just now I feel extremely disappointed. I agree that the judges were fair to mark John on his (limited) dancing ability but I disagree with their criticism of the voting public. I did think the judges employed a bit of counter psychology last week when they were quite kind to him so that the public wouldn't contradict them and John could go out on a high, but that didn't work. Strictly was never just a dancing competition, it's a Saturday night entertainment programme and obviously much of the public was entertained by and identified with John. Saying that he was taking the place of a better dancer was nonsense, eventually most of the better dancers will go with the possibility that next week they might have produced a stunning routine, we shall never know. Life's like that, it isn't fair. I've suddenly lost my enthusiasm for the whole programme, I feel John has been pressurised to leave and now the results are immaterial, the sparkle has gone and it all seems as fake as the tans they spray on each week.

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