Monday 17 November 2008

Switch and Bitch

Friday night was switch and bitch night at Pam's down in the village. Rules are simple, you take 6 of your cast offs, clothes, accessories, anything really, all of which get dumped in a pile in the middle of the room and stirred up. The appointed hostess selects an item, describes it in glowing terms detailing fibre content, size etc and anyone interested puts their hand up. If more than one person is interested, cards are cut, aces high, and the winner is declared. So eight of us spent the evening drinking fizz, laughing and swapping. The only difficult bit for me is when your cast off is held up and everyone enthuses about it, at this stage I think if everyone likes the article that much maybe I shouldn't let it go. Conversely if no one is interested I begin to wonder why I ever wore the blooming thing in the first place. Any unclaimed items are taken to the local charity shop, though of course you can take them home if you wish.
I did say before I went that whilst I was happy to take six items I really didn't want any more clothes so I'd just go for the laughs. I was quite restrained at first but I couldn't resist
a lovely pair of Ecco leather boots that are almost new, still in their box
a beautiful necklace that I'm told is organic, free range, fair trade and came from the Ethical Superstore (well worth a visit)
A pretty pair of silver earrings that I've been wearing round the house since I got them, a style breakthrough for a girl who hardly combs her hair let alone washes it on days at home. I also need to own up to taking a nice black t shirt with 3/4 sleeves, a dark blue linen jacket from Hobbs and - wait for it - a pair of white pedal pushers. I did say at the time that these were hardly suitable for a pensioner living in the Scottish Borders but the other girls egged me on and in many ways thats half the fun of a switch and bitch session, you come away with things you wouldn't normally consider and it costs you nothing. Such a worthwhile night that went on till the small hours and to be honest we didn't do any bitching at all.

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