Wednesday 1 October 2008

Quick Update

In case you were wondering about a few things from recent blogs, I can confirm that

(a) Our Italian bank has now received the interview forms, Mr FF scanned them, got a translation on line and filled them in. We are able to move our money back into the interest paying account, though in the current climate this may not be a good thing.

(b) My car is still in the garage, one of the pieces of metal I picked up on the road was indeed mine, a spring to do with the suspension had rusted. A new part has been ordered and should be fitted fairly soon.

(c) Cleo continues to eat the diet cat food, over 10 days on the same dried food and she a cat who was bored before reaching the end of a tin of Whiskas. She had put on some weight and is doing well, bless.

(d) I am still gardening and not patchworking, but Joanne, queen of the quilts, is coming round tomorrow evening with the other girlies from my ex-work, so there could be some progress soon.

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