Saturday, 4 October 2008

Peaches and Plums

For the last two weeks we have been feeding this young lady, Peaches who lives up the lane from us, while her family is on holiday. Peaches has one of those automatic feeders that dispenses 5 meals opening twice a day, we were told how to fill it with dry biscuits, set it going and that she would be fine. We asked if she would be lonely if she didn't see anyone for a couple of days but her family said she would be perfectly happy as long as she had food and water. The first time we went up to set the feeder Peaches was torn between getting her nose into the dish or winding herself round her legs, so we stayed on while she ate and then gave her some fuss which she loved. We decided we would visit her again the next day so she had some company and to make sure the mechanism was working, and we've gone to see her every night since.As I said Peaches lives up the lane from us, in this gorgeous little white cottage with a beautiful garden and I've loved spending time there. I generally prepare our dinner before we set out to walk, we spend about half an hour in the house, I check the greenhouse and fill the bird feeders while Mr FF tops up the cat biscuits and entertains Peaches. Then we both pick a few plums from the tree that grows outside the back door to munch on the way home before dinner. We usually leave just before it gets dark, we love the views from the cottage, the darkening sky and the noises from the farms as the birds and animals begin to settle in for the evening. Tomorrow will be our last visit, its been a very enjoyable duty, in fact not a duty at all.

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