Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Garden path

For the past umpteen years we have stored these block pavers in our garage, together with a variety of paving slab off cuts from the patio and assorted bricks from the house and garden walls. We used the blue blocks to pave the drive and because a couple of pallets were faulty and not suitable for vehicular traffic the manufacturers kindly replaced them and didn't take away the rejects that are fine for paths. Mr FF recently took possession of a new and already much loved car that doesn't quite fit in the garage, not of course that this has any relevance to him finally getting round to using up some of the left overs.This path leads from the front of the house, round the side of the garage to the back, it was covered in gravel that we have removed and used elsewhere and the blocks have been expertly laid as you can see. Luckily we had a weekend of great autumn weather and we worked long and hard.My job was to barrow just under 1,000 blocks, about a third of our stock, round from the garage placing them handily, checking for obvious faults and making sure that each was facing the correct way ready for use. I loved this work, Mr FF mentioned how surprised he was that I took such joy in demolishing the brick mountain. I think its the consumption of material, turning a basic ingredient into something useful and pleasing, not unlike knitting really. The results are obvious, the reward for hard work immediate and the exhaustion so satisfying. I can only wonder in the current climate if the executives who baffle us all with smoke and mirrors paying themselves huge bonuses for failure sleep so easily.

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