Tuesday 21 October 2008

Pension plans

We are off to France tomorrow, staying in the Dordogne. We were supposed to be attending Mr FF's nephew's wedding with celebrations in a chateau over 3 days but sadly this was called off on Sunday as the bride's father is ill. Poor things must be devastated but we like many of the guests have paid for our flights and accommodation so we will still go. We have booked this lovely house and will stay on after the wedding date so that we can celebrate my 60 birthday there, not that the celebrations haven't already started. Cards have arrived and a parcel came this morning from Rose on the Isle of Wight that I am taking with me so I have something to open on 01 November.
I've been trying to sort out my pension arrangements which has just about reduced me to tears. I have various personal pensions that I've had to open as I've changed jobs, this is before the portable stakeholder system and the forms, options and greedy charges for moving my money are impossible. I don't actual want to draw any pension yet either state or personal, but if I try to move all my own money into one place it seems I forfeit 5%. I do wonder if its all been worth it, the projections made when I was in my early 30s haven't materialised, final bonuses no longer payable, no wonder I'm such a pessimist, my pension glass certainly is half empty.
Still I'm healthy and happy and on a brighter note, when I return my bus pass should be waiting for me, I completed my application last week. All set to travel and I've got somewhere to keep it too, such a good look for a pensioner don't you think.


  1. Looks lovely. I've never used that site before, but have booked self-catering breaks through holidaylettings.co.uk.

    Sadly a long way of pension time yet though!

  2. My my what a very fine purse you have there!

    Have a lovely time in France my dear. Do you think you might make it into town on your return for a birthday tea with the girlies?


    ps I'll probably retire at 75... and that'll be to the van..!